Corporate: Innate at work


Discovering one’s innate is never too late. It continues to be very helpful in the corporate world. For employers, it helps in matching the job profile to the best suited employee, it fosters team dynamics through the understanding of each person’s innate abilities and limitations, and guide the Human Resource Department in planning the employee’s career path. Communication among co-workers will be enhanced as a result of  understanding each other. For the employee, self-awareness of one’s in-born strengths leads to increased self-confidence and motivation to succeed.

The dynamics of your corporate environment is important to your company’s success. With our powerful brain mapping technology, you can position all personnel into their best strengths.

Acquiring an innate intellect evaluation for all of your employees will help HR to direct the optimal personnel to the right department.

Through Brain Mapping technology, your company will be able to:

  • Strengthen communication throughout the company
  • Increase performance through matching innate strengths and personality styles
  • Improve company moral though better relationships and management
  • Match qualified candidates to the right team and position
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses of employees or candidates


Gain understanding of your entire staff and departments through our integrated data mining to help you see how best to maneuver your personnel and build up weak areas.