When you take the MindPrint biometric scans, the first page you come across is your innate Personality Profile Type.  Already this page tells you so much about yourself;  strengths, perceived limitations, verbal and physical cues, and how you communicate.  It breaks it down in terms of emotions, work and friends too.  It’s a lot. <img class="wp-smiley" style="font-weight: inherit; font-style: inherit;" src="http://mymommyology more info here.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif” alt=”:)” />

MindPrint calls this the L-I-F-E personality profile, which stands for Leader, Idealist, Flamboyant and Efficient.  It’s similar to the Bird Profiles’ Eagle-Owl-Peacock-Dove.  It’s also the same as the DISC profiling.  (I don’t mean to throw terms out there, but do check the links to know more).  My sources tell me that as a person we acquire all four types, and we learn to adjust and use them based on experience or circumstance.  There is one however which we are born with, hence it is innate.  It’s our default way of doing and being.

When Kaiz of MindPrint explained these all to me, I could see parts of myself between the Eagle and the Dove (that sounds like a song).  As it turned out, I’m innately a Dove — the exact same profile as Jamie.  While friendly, we like to avoid confrontation and avoid change.  I know that I can handle confrontation (and sometimes even initiate it when necessary), but it’s not always easy for me.  Sometimes I choose the people that I do it to (or with).  And that’s how I understand the above when they say you’ll eventually have a little of all.  Sometimes I call on my “inner eagle” or “inner owl” and I’ve learned how because of past experiences.

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