At every life stage, the MindPrint Innate Intellect Evaluation benefits not only the individual who owns the evaluation, but also the people around him or her, be it the parents, family members or guardians, teachers, peers and friends.

Pre-School and Elementary Students (2-12 years old)

  • Discover the child’s in-born strengths and natural talents
  • Identify the best learning style and environment suited to the child
  • Develop self-confidence and natural strengths, by maximizing the child’s full  potential
  • Help teachers understand and effectively teach the child in school

High School and College Students (13-21 years old)

  • Identify career options based on the student’s innate strengths
  • Develop self-esteem by focusing on the student’s abilities
  • Enhance the student’s learning experiences

Families (husband-wife, parents-children, among siblings)

  • Understand personality styles and accept preferences
  • Improve communication among family members


  • Match job profile with the most-suited employee
  • Foster team dynamics through the understanding of each person’s innate
  • Aid in effective recruitment of new employees