Institute of Multiple Intellect


The Institute of Multiple Intellect (IMI) is the leading Brain Mapping institute based in Los Angeles, USA.

IMI Infinity

IMI Infinity is in the business of changing peoples lives by providing an in-depth look at how their brain is innately wired.

In the last 7 years IMI has completed over 200,000 evaluations with an unprecedented 99.7 percent accuracy. No other psychometric has that level of accuracy. This powerful tool is fully objective and does not have any of the subjective natures of other psychometrics.

Now available  to the general public, IMI is providing services in schools from preschool to colleges, psychologists, job placement firms, corporate HR and special education resources.

History of IMI (Institute of Multiple Intellect)

Established in 2010, IMI Academy is engaged in providing products and services related to Brain Mapping, Innate Intellects, and Psychology.

IMI was initially launched in Hong Kong as Institute of Multiple Intelligence with several partners and entities from different parts of the world.

IMI has changed their name to reflect a more accurate representation of their research.  Institute of Multiple Intellect.

In 2011, IMI Academy Ltd was incorporated in Mumbai, India under the Indian Companies’ Act of 1956. Since then IMI has been operating and conducting its business from Mumbai, India.

IMI owns its own state of the art dedicated servers which are located in the United States of America, which ensures and provides highest level of privacy and security to our associates and clients.

IMI provides certifications, authentications and the resources including hardware and software to start your own center or stations for providing Brain Mapping products and services.

Beginning in 2014, IMI began providing their technology in the United States. Now, doing business as IMI Infinity, IMI has begun to get a high amount of interest from schools, businesses and psychologists.


  • Our fundamental principle is Confidentiality. Privacy is your right and our duty. Evaluations will only be shared if consent of parents will be given to the school. MindPrint will request consent from the parents on behalf of Children’s Talent Education Center after every consultation session.
  •  Biometrics are encrypted and deleted from the system after generating the Analysis.
  •  We offer a 100% Money-back Guarantee if proven to be 100% inaccurate.