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MindPrint offers the most technologically advanced method of understanding a person’s natural talents or ‘innate’ using a biometric scan.  The MindPrint evaluation provides understanding of a person’s Brain Function Structure, their most effective Method of Learning, Personality Type, Learning Styles. It is recommended for children, teenagers preparing for college, and adults.

Discover the power of a biometric-based brain mapping evaluation and see for yourself how you are innately wired.


Biometric Data Capture

Get your biometrics scanned by our Mindprint Consultant

Biometric Data Processing & Report Generation

Biometric Data will be uploaded to our secure servers for processing and report generation. The report will be ready in 5 working days

Digital Evaluation & Online Consultation

Access your Evaluation Summary Video thru our  secure website page, then schedule your 45-minute online consultation with a MindPrint Consultant

Learn about your own innate intellect
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